Monday, 21 January 2013

It wouldn't be right...

... if I didn't jump on the ooooh-it's-snowing bandwagon and post up a few winter wonderland photos.
I'm not the only one who was utterly convinced we'd be staying at home for the day.  Unfortunately, we are far more snow-stoic than I imagined, and these were taken before I slid off to work.

This is the front garden, looking out on to the ummmwhereistheroad?

The back door, and I knew those lights should stay in the box trees after Christmas.

The kitchen window.  Fancy a seat?

Loving this one.  I don't imagine the house looked very different a couple of hundred years ago.

Monday, 14 January 2013

This won't take long...

I've had these chairs for years.  I covered the seats in gingham oilcloth, when the children were younger and messy.  Recently I've been thinking that they look a bit sad and, erm, icky... so I've re-covered them in the most gorgeous, soft, pink babycord.  Now that the children are older and even messier, I will probably spend half my life scraping mashed potatoes off them and wishing they were grubby gingham oilcloth... but if I have a sophisticated dinner party anytime soon (which is pretty unlikely), I'll be quite proud.

Other than that, and a HUGE amount of work, I've been playing with a little pine corner cupboard I paid 4 quid for.  I gave it a quick paint job and put on a sweet little china handle (can't say 'knob' without laughing) and now it's in the corner of the kitchen, looking quite ok.

Righto, back to work.x

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Eversoknac... worn out...

Can't wait to start work again on Monday.  It's been such a restful break, what with moving house and stuff.  All in all I would have to concur that house-moving is not entirely fun, although the new place is utterly delightful and a perfect place for Christmas, wood burners, Aga and all.  Unfortunately it's only temporary, so the hunt continues, but I'm absolutely determined to enjoy it for the time we're here.  Hopefully I will find some time to photograph how the light pours in through the huge sash windows in the kitchen in the mornings, and the misty view over the fields.  Oh, and apparently there's a ghost, although I haven't met her, unless she's the one who opened the front door when I was falling into it with an armful of last-minute presents, in which case I didn't forget to say Thank You. Phew.

Christmas was a bit sparse, in terms of homemade stuff, but I did manage to chuck in a birdie theme and throw together a cake.

I've decided to leave the wreath, on the basis that it's not overly Christmassy and I really like it.
That's all folks.

Oh, and anyone who needs the new address, let me know.  It will probably help if I know you.x