Monday, 13 February 2012

.... so, we got snow, which was nice.  I did go out sledging although I kept my feet dug into the snow for most of my turn with my small niece, lest we should be catapulted into the air over the mid-run ski-jump (use your imagination) and she would be severely crushed upon landing and I would always be known as the Auntie Who Squashes Nieces and never been forgiven.  I should have know better... her dad, my brother, yelled at me to get my feet up (takes me back) and later took her '3-up' down the 'black run' (ok, it's a back road, it gets VERY icy, it's a black run, right?), him laughing like a girlie (he always did do that in times of great danger) and her squealing for MORE and FASTER.  She wasn't crushed once - she's a toughie.

I didn't take my camera.  On that particular morning I think I did very well to take myself.  Another brother and I had stayed up ridiculously late the night before - just because we can, really - apparently momentarily forgetting about the early calls it is compulsory to get on a Sunday if you stupidly decide to stay up really late on a Saturday.
"It's snowed, we're coming over for sledging, we'll be there by 8.30!"  (yay)
"Hi!  Remember our brilliant idea about going for a dawn Sunday walk??"  (it was a joke, right?)
"You didn't forget breakfast at yours, did you?"  (yes, I did, and breakfast should never be before 3pm)
"We were thinking about popping over to see you, 2pm ok?"  (so, ummm, why do you have to phone at 7.30am to ask me this??)
So no, no camera, no snow pictures.  We drove past some really beautiful potential snow pictures the other evening - a hazy pink dusk, layers of sparkling white landscape gradually fading out before us - but by the time we came back it was dark and the next day the boring thaw set in.

You have to be quick with snow pictures in this country.

No matter how many cameras I get, I'm never quick enough.

Other than that, there was my birthday.  I don't recall having a Saturday birthday ever before (but then, ask Amanda, I don't recall a lot of things) so this one was extra nice.  It's good to know that no matter how many birthdays I have, no-one feels the need to start giving me anything remotely sensible, and long may it stay that way.  Later (later today, later this month, later this year.... who knows?) I will post photos.

In the meantime, here is a picture of something completely different.  Do you think they look like each other?  Or not?