Saturday, 14 January 2012

Things I like everso...

This list will be ongoing for several reasons:

  • I like billions of things
  • I am terrible at remembering things I like 
  • I change my mind quite a lot 
Here we go with the first 10...
  1. Raindrops on roses
  2. Whiskers on kitten
Oh no, hold on, those two things come under the category of 'musicals' and therefore are on entirely the wrong list.  They should be on the 'things I can't stand' list and will have to wait until a later date.  
Start again, in no particular order (apart from the first one, obviously).
  1. My children
  2. My new computer - really quite extraordinary and will feature on here sometime in the near future
  3. Our cats, although they can be intensely annoying at times
  4. My imaginary dog - it's probably a beagle but has been known to be a retriever
  5. My imaginary horse - it's very cheap to keep
  6. My imaginary penguin - I've had problems with this one on account of the climate and lack of large pond in the garden
  7. The children's rabbits, particularly today because they staged a mini protest and broke out of their hutch in the night so they could skip around on the white-frosty lawn being naughty.  I like that in a rabbit.  I forgot to take pictures because I was so entranced by the fluffy sight them.  I also failed to put them back for several hours because they seemed to be having a lot of fun.  One should never deny a rabbit its fun.
  8. Music.  One day I'll do a top 20.  It will be very hard because anyone who knows me also knows there are at least 200 songs in my top 20.  It would be more useful to list my top 20 songs today... tomorrow could be an entirely different 20.
  9. Cars - they're brilliant!  I especially like cars with working heaters, which mine has, as of today. Obviously I like the other bits to work as well.
  10. Snow