Saturday, 16 June 2012

It's been a while....

.... but I've been busy getting a new job and being in France and stuff.

I stayed near (and worked in, just in case anyone thinks I was having fun) Laval.  It really is the most beautiful little city and I'm quite sure I will visit again before long.

The most beautiful cobbled streets with sweet little houses, in the old part of the city...

 ... and one of the views from the tower of the medieval Ch√Ęteau de Laval. 

Most memorably, for the moment, I finally got to visit Mont St Michel, which was totally amazing - everything I hoped for and more.

And I fell in love with a rose (fell in love once and almost completely).  It was everywhere and it called out to me.  It's called Pierre de Ronsard.  I couldn't quite bring myself to bring one back (along with a case big enough and heavy enough to be smuggling home an entire bijou Laval town house) on Eurostar, but I was a very happy bunny when I found one here (just for you, MandiS).  It arrived very quickly and is in full bud.  Can't wait to get it in the garden, just as soon as the hurricanes are over.