Sunday, 23 September 2012

Guess who's back...... back again...

Ok, so I didn't have time for this.
I actually don't have time for anything.
But it was important.

Oh, and on a side note, I always seem to be at the wrong end of the seasons.  Forgive me, there's always next year.  And the faint hope that summer will somehow make a glorious comeback and hang around until about December, and then it will snow and be quite lovely.  For about a month.

So yes, the bbq fell apart about a month ago, after a long and arduous life of being left out all year, and  being used as a mini-bonfire, and having wet stuff left in it for months.  So I've been looking around for another one and wondering why they always have to come in alpha-male colours like forest green.

I found this...

Isn't she a beauty?  No, quite horrible.  But it was sold to me (for a very badly-haggled fiver) at a car boot sale by an utterly charming gentleman - clearly not a regular -  who later announced, 'my dear, I'm so thrilled to get rid of it I'd have paid you five pounds to take it away!'

Black and green - how practical.  Won't show the dirt.  Pfff.

Look at it now...

... a retro futuristic space-age masterpiece in silver and pink, worthy of The Jetsons' final frontier.
Who needs practical?x